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Wholesale torispherical head for pressure vessels

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Product Description

Wholesale torispherical head for pressure vessels

Product Show:

♦ Quality: strict control of raw materials and the production process;

♦ Advanced technology, best quality, defect detection, quality control reputation first, good after-service;

♦ No cracks, delamination, inclusion, and other defects;


Product Specification:


 Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, special steel, etc. 


 Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Titanium, etc.

 According to customers requirement

 Natural                        torispherical end
 Reduction ratio
 About 10%                        torispherical end

 Size range

 50mm-10000mm with integral formed, larger sizes with subsection formed can

 be specified                         torispherical end


 2mm- 300mm                      torispherical end
 Surface Treatment
 Sand blasting, pickling, polishing                 torispherical end
 Hot pressing, cold pressing

 Mainly for pressure vessels and boilers in diverse industry such as oil, chemical,   winery, pharmaceutical, environmental and military.


Product Size:

We also can provide customized size to meet the different needs of customers.

 torispherical end

Product Process:

  Picking Steel---Cutting---Welding---Heating---Spinning---Stamping---Trimming

       ---Quality Control---Warehousing---Transporttation


Packaging & Shopping: 

In the process of transportationin order to ensure the safety of product transportationwe use wooden casesiron frameplastic bags and other wooden palletsor according to customer's requirement.                   torispherical end

1. Iron Frame                      torispherical end

2. Wooden Box

3. Ron pallet

4Wooden pallet.

5Professional fixation

6. Customer's requirment                      torispherical end




About Company:


1. The company main products contains: spherical shell plates, elliptical heads, dish end , flat bottomed head, spherical head, expansion joints, corrugated furnace and other non-standard shape items etc.

2. Throughout theyear, there are every types of standard stock heads in stock to deal with customers urgent need.

3. Our products are sold across to 20 or more provinces and regions across the country, and also overseas.

4. The main applications aviation manufacturing, petrochemicals bridge, medical instruments, offshore, electronic field, automobile industry, parts processing, for fire pit and so on.



IMG_20190828_09393 (1).jpg






Our Advantage:

1. Help customer to design, making drawing;
2. Providing free samples+ dimension inspection report+ material report;
3. Checking raw material, and inform customer before mass production;
4. Informing customer production schedule weekly;                 torispherical end

5. Arrange shipment, and Inform customer in advance 7 days before finishing the order;
6. Before shipment, send the detailed product pictures, dimension inspection report, material report to customer;
7. Welcome customer inspection and the third party inspection;
8. Expressing original document;

9. Contact us for more information.                     torispherical end


Main Product:


Product Application:




Product Certificate: 



Q: What's the information should I provide when inquiry?

A:  If you have drawings, we will be entirely in accordance with production drawings, If you do not have the drawing, you can tell me the product data, There are several important data, such as material, type of head (We have elliptical head, hemispherical head, dished head, flat head, etc.), diameter, thickness, special tolerances or requirements, We can do the drawings according to your requirements, and you confirm that the final product drawings.

Q: what are surface treatment of the product?                    torispherical end

A:  For carbon steel products, we sandblasting descaling product surface, For stainless steel products, we use acid to remove surface oil and impurities.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of products?

A:  Our production staff is trained through national quality department, and obtain the corresponding certificate, with years of production and design experience.Weld must undergo X-ray inspection to ensure that no defects.      torispherical en