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Elliptical Head

Elliptical Head

by admin    2019 Aug 16     307

Elliptical head is a head consisting of a rotating elliptical sphere and a cylindrical straight section. Its purpose is 1. The pipe is in the head. If it is not ready to be extended, it will be welded to the pipe with a head and used as an end. 2. Used on the pressure vessel, there is a head on the upper and lower sides, and a straight pipe section in the middle is used as a can for the pressure vessel. Elliptical head with the ratio of long and short axes of the rotating elliptic spherical busbar of 2.0 is commonly called the standard elliptical head.

The mechanical properties of elliptical head are second only to hemispherical head but better than disc head. Because the depth of elliptic head is between hemispherical head and dished head, the requirements of stamping equipment and die and the manufacturing difficulty are also between the two, that is, easier than hemispherical head and more difficult than disc head. In recent years, it is convenient to manufacture large diameter oval head because of the spinning process.


Elliptical head is widely used in medium and low pressure vessels because of its good comprehensive performance.